The proptech THING TECHNOLOGIES is an IoT technology platform for buildings

The Enabler
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The Founder
In this interview, we talk to the serial entrepreneur Marc, Founder, and CEO of THING TECHNOLOGIES.
Marc founded his first startup, a business process management platform, in Frankfurt in 2000. He sold this startup in 2006 to SunGard, now part of FIS ( Marc went on to work for FIS in New York as Senior Vice President for more a decade, before founding his current startup THING TECHNOLOGIES ( in Brooklyn. He later moved with his startup’s headquarter from Brooklyn to Frankfurt, leaving some operations in New York.

The Startup
THING TECHNOLOGIES is a proptech startup, owner of the Thing-it platform. The Thing-it Platform allows configuring digitalization solutions for all participants (real estate developers, tenants, co-workers, residents, guests, properties managers, facilities managers, service providers) using and operating a building.

Venture Capital
THING TECHNOLOGIES already raised a Series A venture capital round. They are still looking to raise more money, in a second closing of their Series A round.
They are also looking for international investors for a Series B round since THING has a good footprint in the US (founded in New York, still has a team in Birmingham Alabama).
If you want to get in, feel free to reach out, we get you connected.

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