RFID cable ties: innovative tracking solutions for industry 4.0

RFID cable ties and accessories complete HellermannTyton’s range of asset management identification products. The ties are especially suited for securing, serialisation, tracking and identification of products in the areas of resource management, electrical inspection, inventory, distribution and rental services as well as for easy management of maintenance and repair routine.

The benefits of RFID cable ties and accessories are:
► Fastening, product labelling and tracking in one step
► Tool and inventory management
► Clear labelling despite dirt and harsh environments
► Reusability: information can be added and read from RFID chips again and again (Reusability: Does not apply to LF transponders!)
► Counterfeiting protection: if the cable tie is removed, it cannot be reused for the same purpose
► Flexible non-contact data communication
► Clear identification of objects with a unique ID
► Faster and more accurate data capture than paper based solutions
► Labelling and identification of hard-to-reach parts
► No need for contact or line-of-sight

Radio frequency identification, for short RFID, simply means the identification by radio waves. The data transfer is realised by means of electromagnetic waves. This technology allows a contactless storing and reading of data and makes communication between devices possible.

RFID is an innovative carrier for Industry 4.0:
Applications in the smart factory are virtually unlimited.

Cable ties are used in almost every industry today and the combination with RFID technology has great potential for the smart factory.

HellermannTyton uses this technology to offer a range of RFID cable ties complete with choice of transponders which can be read with HellermannTyton RFID readers to deliver quick and accurate reporting.

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