Best Programming Languages for Web Development (Back End)

Do you want to know the top web development programming language to learn?
What about the salary figure and trend of every particular language?
In this video you’ll find out!

Here are my top 5 web development languages to learn and find a job
5. PHP
4. C#
3. Java
2. Python
1. JavaScript

From an experienced web developer point of view, I can tell you all the web development programming languages are great but each of them is suitable for specific need. Actually, that’s why there are dozens of programming languages out there.
PHP is mainly used in site builder tools like WordPress and If you want to add a special kind of module which doesn’t exist or if you want to edit an existing module based on your requirements then you need to know PHP.
C# is a versatile advanced programming language and many enterprise companies use this language.
As same as C#, Java is mainly used in big companies.
When it comes to Big Data Analytics. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Python is the most popular choice. Besides, be taking advantage of Django Python could gain a lot of popularity for web development.
And undoubtedly, JavaScript is the winner. JavaScript is an easy to learn, easy to use and efficient programming language that can be used to develop almost every kind of software. JavaScript is highly used in scalable application which requires fast and secure processing. Instagram using JavaScript for mobile application and many of the big technology company’s software are based on JavaScript.
I’m a Full-stack software developer with over 8 years of experience and my mission is to help you get started with programming and stay with you along the way! On this channel, I share everything a programmer needs to succeed in this career.
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